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BCS 710 Gardener

Model 710 tractor with the 18" rototiller is a great performing small tiller.  With good rearward weight bias putting a higher percentage of the weight on the tiller along with high tine speed and efficient power transmission to the tiller, this machine breaks new ground faster and more thoroughly than any we've seen in our 25 years using tillers.  The original BCS 710 Gardener has been super-ceded by the BCS 712 models

For 2011 the 710 model has been redefined..  It is now has the same tractor transmissionas the BCS 718 and 722 but supplied with a 5.7hp Robiin-Subaru engine.  It has two working speed for both front mounted and rear mounted attachments.  It is sold with the 18 tiller attachment but the tractor will accept at attachments suited for the 718 model.    This model is well suited for high tunnel tilling and cultivating

By turning the handlebars 180o a 30, 40 or 45  sickle bar mower can be attached.  Either Gardener model works effectively with a ground speed of 1.4 mph being excellent for brush cutting.  There is a 0.6 mph reverse speed to aid backing out at the end of a cut.  (Most walk-behind sickle bar mowers have no reverse.  Pulling them backwards is a chore.)

No Belts
BCS uses a heavy duty automotive clutch that does not
rob power like belts thereby delivering more power to the tiller.

All Gear Drive
All BCS tractors use only extra heavy duty gears, shafts, and ball bearings in the transmissions.

Power Reverse
The Gardener has a geared reverse that will get you out of tight areas while both hands stay on the handlebars

50% Faster Tine Speed 
All BCS tillers have a 290 rpm tine speed that is 50% faster than other tillers. This produces finer, soft soil.

the tiller can be removed and a multitude of front attachments, such as a sickle bar, can be installed. This makes the Gardener more than just " The Best Tiller On Earth."

Gardener 710 Specifications



NEW for 2011


BCS 710R (2011) All Gear driven tractor with rugged 18 rototiller

Commercial Robin-Subaru 5.7hp Engine


ONLY $1999


                                      BCS 710R (2011) with 18 Rototiller 



BCS 712 Gardener Plus

The 712 tractor like the 710 has a small frame design with the same great balance and high tine speed.  The a choice of two Honda GX series engines.  These Honda engine are known for their long life and easy starting.  The 712GX5 has a 5.5hp Honda engine to tilling and for sickle bar and brush mowing.  The 712GX8 has an 8hp Honda GX240 engine to power larger attachments like sicklebar mowers up to 47 wide, snow thrower, 40 Power Sweeper and PTO Chipper/Shredder.  Also these units are sold to the rental equipment market where they have to withstand the use (and abuse) by untrained and occasional equipment users.  The BCS 712 two-wheel tractors are real workhorses!

Durable Long Life Honda GX Engines
The Gardener Plus performs cultivating and mowing tasks for those use their BCS for 100s hours a year.

Planar Wedge
A planar wedge breaks up the soil in the center of the tiller, eliminating the untilled strip in the middle that other tillers leave behind

Handle Bar Adjustment
The handlebars can move form side to side instantly. This allows you to walk to the side when cultivating

Safety PTO Lockout stops tines in reverse

When the gardening season is over, the Gardener Plus can have front attachments installed, such as a sickle bar or a snow thrower. This makes the Gardener Plus a machine for all seasons.

Gardener 712 Specifications



No-Time-Limit Warranty
BCS stands behind our transmission with a No-Time-Limit warranty




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