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BCS 718 Harvester

The 718 tractor is a great buy in medium frame machines for users who value the versatility of 2 operating speeds for tilling, mowing, and snowthrowing.  The second speed allows for rapid cultivating at twice the ground speed of the single speed models 710 and 712.  The second speed for front mounted attachments like the sicklebar, brush mower and snowthrower is at the forward speed of the single speed models 710 and 712.  This slower ground speed allowing mowing in thick brush more easily and snow throwing in heavy wet or deep snows.  The 718 is available with Briggs and Stratton Intek or Honda GX series engines.

Free Bumper
All BCS tractors come with a free bumper to protect the engine.

Faster Tine Speed
Has a tine speed that is 50% faster than other tillers which produces the finest soil that you can find. This means strong, healthy plants.

Auto Style Clutch
Belts rob engine power and a short life; that is why BCS uses an automotive style clutch. Our clutch delivers more power to the tiller and last long, long time.

Once you are done using the "Best Tiller On Earth," you can then turn your BCS tractor into a number of different machines by using a selection of our front attachments.

No-Time-Limit Warranty
The BCS transmission is so rugged that we back it up with a No-Time-Limit warranty. This covers all parts in the transmission that touch oil, including seals

  Harvester 718 Specifications


BCS 722 Harvester Plus

The 722 tractor is the best buy in medium frame machines. (Note BCS's medium frame series tractor with a tiller is the same size as the largest machines from their competitors.)  Twelve attachments are available including the heavy duty chipper/shredder and a 26" rotary brush mower.  The 722 tractor has speeds well suited to the many attachments allowing the task to be performed effectively and quickly.  This tractor easily handles the 40" sweeper to clear parking areas of debris, sweep sand and dethatch lawns.  The All Gear drive allows these 8 hp tractors to handle tasks often requiring larger engines on belt and chain driven machines.  The 722 is available with Briggs and Stratton Intek or Honda GX series engines.



Ideal Forward Speeds
The BCS tractor is designed to provide ideal forward speeds for your gardening needs. With three forward speeds you can get any job done at just the right speed.

Instant Reverse
When reverse is needed we offer an instant reverse that is geared, so you can engage reverse quickly and still keep both hands on the handlebars.

Ring and Pinion Gearbox
BCS uses a ring and pinion in our tiller gearbox. This is stronger than the worm gear or chain case that the competition uses. You can put your BCS through very tough conditions without fear of breakage.

Variable Width Tilling
BCS offers a 26" tiller box that when needed, can be reduced to a 20" tiller. This allows you to have a large 26" tiller that can be narrowed to get between the rows. It is like getting two tillers in one.

  Harvester 722 Specifications




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